Two-way communications in construction

We understand that a powerful communications system is paramount to ensuring a safe and productive work environment in the Construction Field

Construction sites are typically bustling and full of activity. People walking, equipment whirring, diggers moving and cranes lifting materials into place. It may look hectic, but there is organisation behind each activity which heavily relies on good communication.
Safety is paramount on any construction site, large or small. Operators have a duty of care to staff and site visitors to ensure their wellbeing and welfare at all times. We understand how construction sites work and know that effective communication can save lives.

Features that are particularly useful for construction sites include:

  • Lone worker check-in. Designed to alert you to operators who have not checked in at an appointed time, so that you can mobilise immediately.
  • Man down features. Capable of detecting impacts and allowing quick contact, they are key to ensuring safety out of hours or in isolated areas.
  • Call-all buttons. Enabling communication with all workers at once in an emergency.
  • One-to-one calls. Using a contacts list, your two-way communication can be used as a phone for more targeted conversations.

Why choose Chat-Com?

When it comes to construction sites, we have worked on some of the biggest around and we understand the complications and requirements that come with that. Equally, we know how to scale down without losing any critical functionality on smaller sites so that your team and contractors are just as safe.
Our experience and expertise mean we have the knowledge to tackle any construction-related project and our clients include Mace, Fluor and Mercury – some of the biggest players in this industry. Our solutions include their teams and any subcontractors they bring on board, covering complex areas and working under even the most testing site conditions. So, it should come as no surprise that they keep coming back to us time and again for their site communication needs.

Talk to us about your construction site project communications

If you are looking for an expert to develop the right communications solution for your construction site, talk to us. You can reach us on 01747 898 008 or by writing to us at [email protected].

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