Streamlined Communication for Educational Institutions

Powerful Communications Solutions that Empower Educators to Keep in Touch, and Make Smart Decisions that Improve Teamwork and Keep Children Safe

At Chat-Com, We Have Made it Our Business to Understand the Communications Needs of Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Schools and education institutions across the UK are united in their desire to improve school safety. It’s quite rightly a prime concern of parents and schools alike.

Digital Radios Systems

Many schools seek to update their communication system to create a better way to connect schools and staff. Chat-com can provide two-way radio solutions that can be used by teachers at the most critical of times, such as school evacuation procedures. School maintenance workers can embrace two-way radio technology as easy method of communication on school grounds.

Fire Control

Chat-com can integrate the digital radio solution with any fire control panel. This enables site users to see the vital information displayed on a two-way radio device such as fire alarm type and also specific area/zone information. Having this precise data present on two-way devices can reduce the risk of false alarms and allow schools to evacuate quicker.

Chat-com has been delivering educational solutions that have saved costs, improved educational achievement, challenged conventional thinking and surpassed expectations. Chat-com has conceived, planned, managed and maintained these systems for schools across the UK.

We are involved in all levels of education from academies to schools and universities, and have worked on some of the largest educational projects around the country. We offer a full range of integrated services including programme and project management, hardware delivery, facilities management and full health and safety training.