Effective Communication for Healthcare Workers

Chat-Com offers specialised solutions that allow healthcare professionals to effectively and efficiently communicate with colleagues to help save and protect lives.

Chat-com has vital experience supporting the NHS Trust and the wider health and social care sector to deliver world-class communication solutions. Communication is paramount in any healthcare environment - whether hospitals, clinics, walk-in centres or surgeries, it can be lifesaving.

It’s essential for Lone workers on duty in these healthcare establishments to have the right solution. Chat-com can provide hand-portable radios with panic buttons for lone workers on duty in UK healthcare. The panic button is designed to automatically send an alarm call to other radio users as well as to other devices such as mobile phones.

Chat-com can also cater for larger hospitals with a critical demand for specialist solutions. Chat-com understands the communication needs of the multitude of roles present in a modern UK hospital. Hospital Porters and Cleaning service workers generally require simple, effective two-way radio functionality. More patient-facing workers in Hospital security and major incident teams can reap the benefits from a more complex radio solution. These solutions can ultimately save and protect lives.

Digital Two-Way solutions with multiple channels are generally required for bigger hospitals. In Hospital staff are forbidden to use any high-power transmitting devices that could interfere with critical care equipment.

These allow a wide range of features to be integrated including: