Amey Choose Chat-Com & Motorola Solutions

Chat-Com are pleased to announce that they have been selected to provide Amey Construction with their communication requirements for their vehicle fleet.

Transport Scotland has contracts in place with Operating Companies to ensure Scottish trunk roads are safe, efficient and well managed. Work is carried out by Operating Companies working under separate contracts and Amey will be responsible for the trunk roads across south west Scotland for the next eight years, and needed a communication solution to meet the needs of this ambitious project.

Chat-Com recommended the use of the WAVE PTX broadband push-to-talk (PTT) system from Motorola Solutions.  WAVE PTX provides instant PTT communication across multiple devices, including smartphones and dedicated rugged handsets, using any available 4G or Wi-Fi network.

Amey can manage and monitor their vehicles on street level mapping using the browser-based despatch software, while communicating to individual users and multi-user groups at the touch of a button.

Nick Russell, Severe Weather Manager for Amey said:

“Amey chose to use the Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX Platform with the support of Chat-Com not only for it being a reputable trusted brand but they offered the most flexibility to meet both our current and future needs with a great support network”

Chat-Com recommended the use of the TLK 100 rugged handheld portable, with a purpose built hands free kit for use in-vehicle.  This ensures the drivers keep safe and secure while communicating on the road.

James Page-Chatton, Chat-Com Director said:

“Chat-Com are confident that WAVE PTX will provide Amey with the right balance of communication clarity and coverage, whilst being flexible enough to grow and adapt with the clients needs over the course of this project.”

Amey Construction is one of the top 5 support services suppliers in the UK, maintaining the road and rail infrastructure, keeping schools safe and clean, managing the UK’s defence estate, safely escorting prisoners and keeping prisons and courts secure.

Chat-Com provides bespoke communication solutions using two way radio network infrastructure.  They provide a clear, reliable and rugged solution to improve safety, security and efficiency in business communications.

Chat-Com Ltd
Amey Construction