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Hearing Protection For Your Workforce

Did you know that Occupational Deafness has the highest number of claims on employer liability insurance in the UK?  More employees have suffered from hearing disorders at work than have claimed for issues such as stress, white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury, put together.

This is particularly serious in the construction industry, where loud noises are a daily occurrence.  The World Health Organisation defines anything over 87dB as having an adverse effect on your hearing.  On a construction site, all of these activities would be classed in the ‘dangerously loud’ category:

Noise Levels in Construction

Construction Noise Level

The importance of good hearing protection can’t be overstated, but the latest technology from 3M allows you to protect your hearing, while still providing excellent communication between team members.

There are two types of hearing protection that Chat-Com supply: Active and Passive.

Active Noise Protection

Active Noise Protection is necessary when you want to offer hearing protection in a noisy environment, but you still need to communicate with other members of your team.  The Active Noise Cancelling headsets will reduce all unwanted background noise, but still allow voices and conversations to be heard while wearing the headsets.  This means you no longer need to remove one cup of your headsets to hear the person next to you.

These can be combined with our range of two-way radios from Motorola and Hytera, so all radio communications can be heard through the headset, while the dangerously loud noise is reduced to a comfortable level.

Passive Noise Protection

This is a more basic level of protection, which will reduce all noise levels, regardless of source.  Whilst important in reducing the danger of excessive noise, it can prove problematic when you need to hear other important sounds in your immediate vicinity, such as emergency announcements, fire alarms and vehicles in close proximity.

Active noise protection

Effects of Non-Wear Time

Consider a hearing protector with 30dB SNR during 1 hour time period.

If your hearing protection reduces noise level by 30dB, if you take them off for just 2 mins over the course of an hour, you are reducing the effectiveness of the protection by a staggering 50%.

That’s why active noise cancelling protection is vital for your workforce, so they can communicate with team members, while still getting the best possible protection.

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