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The retail and trade sector is vast, ranging from small, local businesses to large-scale, transnational and even multinational corporations. One thing they all rely on to operate well and to thrive is a good communications system. This is particularly true for those larger locations that could have numerous staff on-site at any time, as well as those that operate extensive premises with a variety of products.

Chat-Com has experience creating long-range digital radio networks for shopwatch and pubwatch programs, including the work they have done with Yeovil Crime Reduction Team to develop a cohesive communications system. Linking Yeovil, Sherborne and Chard to provide a daytime and night-time communications network linking shops, venues, district council, CCTV control rooms, hospital and police.

Operating a retail and/or trade site means that you are dealing with customers who are looking for rapid and efficient service. We can help you to better serve them by installing a two-way radio communications system that enables them to quickly identify the availability and location of products without having to disappear into storage rooms or warehouses, leaving them waiting for long periods of time. Extensive communication networks with other shops, district council workers, provide workers with peace of mind working as part of a community and instantly connected to notifications of security alerts and warnings.

Such systems are also invaluable in maintaining a safe working environment for those staff members who work behind the scenes in warehouses or distribution centres or those who operate machinery, and often work alone. A custom-made system that works for you and your business will not only ensure staff safety and wellbeing at all times, but can also be the difference between a growing, successful business and one that is lagging behind its competitors.

Choosing Chat-Com for your communication needs

At Chat-Com, we have the knowledge and expertise to design the right system for you. Our experience with large and small businesses means that we can specify the exact system for you without any unnecessary features or missing elements.

Almost all our clients will either recommend us to others or come back to us for their next project – and very often do both!

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