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Chat-Com is a leading supplier of two-way radio equipment to the events industry.

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Two-way radios & Walkie Talkies

We provide festival radio hire and purchase plans for events of all sizes. 
Two-way radios offer events and festivals a quick and effective communication method that means more time in the right location. With features such as ‘man down‘ and ‘lone worker‘ you can ensure the safety of your own team members whilst on the job.
We have extensive experience of providing two-way radio communications to all event types. We have packages that are perfect for large-scale festivals, sporting events, or indoor conferences. Our hire fleet radios are:
  • Fully licensed to work anywhere in the UK.
  • Maximum 4W power to ensure the best possible communication range
  • Supplied with 16 channels, allowing for multi-channel communications
  • Robust and reliable to work in challenging outdoor conditions
  • Work with a range of charging options

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Our Benefits

The benefits of a Chat-Com system include:

  • Full site coverage with no black spots.
  • All-Call Emergency broadcast function to improve evacuation procedures and protocols on site.
  • Simple process to add more radios to the network, improving logistics.
  • Individual team channels, so teams can communicate independently
  • Multiple simultaneous conversations, to avoid delays in communication.
  • Health and Safety modules, including Lone Worker and Panic, to improve site health and safety.

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If you are looking for an expert to develop the right communications solution for your construction site, talk to us. You can reach us on 01747 898 008 or by writing to us at [email protected].

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