When you are looking to source a communications solution for your construction site, you’ll no doubt come across companies selling ‘license free’ radios, which they claim would be suitable for your communication needs.  These ‘license free’ radios will be considerably cheaper than their professional digital equivalent, but at Chat-Com we simply won’t recommend license free radios for use on construction sites.

‘License Free’ vs ‘Professional Radio’: What’s The Difference?

Chat-Com always recommends the use of a digital licensed radio, when you need a professional communication solution for your business.  But what are the benefits of a professional radio, over one that you can pick up from Amazon or eBay?

  • The professional digital radios supplied by Chat-Com are 4W output power, which means they are 8x more powerful than a standard basic walkie talkie, which only operate at 0.5W. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ll still be able to communicate with your team when they’re working at distance.
  • An Increased range of communications.  Combine these radios with the use of an antenna and digital repeater to extend your range over several kilometres.
  • Water and dust resistant, which means the radios can be used in outdoor conditions and challenging environments.
  • Fully CE approved device with separate charging cups, to ensure they will pass PAT testing.
  • A licensed radio ensures you get a unique frequency, so nobody outside your organisation will be able to listen to your conversations.
  • No interference from outside sources (Ofcom license required – Chat-Com can obtain this on your behalf)
  • High quality digital audio (no crackle or fuzz like older analogue radios)

So, whether you call them ‘walkie talkies’ or ‘two-way radios’ you should know the difference between the professional solutions that Chat-Com offers and an off the shelf license free radio you can pick up cheaply.

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