VoCoVo – The Perfect Solution for In Store Comms

VoCoVo enables teams to improve efficiency, drive sales, and transform business operations.

Vocovo – Experience the magic of instant communication

Gone are the days of customers waiting patiently for staff to search for stock in the back room, enduring endless queues while checkout staff obliviously stack shelves, or calling repeatedly in order to make a booking. The world is speeding up and, if you want to stay at the top of the game, you need to move with it.

VoCoVo products enable your business to do just that. Our unique reliable, wireless headsets enable teams to talk to one another – and their customers – in real time. Not only do they improve customer experience, they also reduce staffing costs, increase employee safety and enhance stock security by giving employees the ability to summon others at the touch of a button. They also cost a lot less than competing products.

The “GO” system is a plug-and-play wireless communication solution. It can accommodate up to 29 headsets and achieve a talk range of around 80m, depending on the built up environment. It comprises of a base unit, up to 29 headsets and headset charge racks.

The “GO” system has a talk lock feature, where up to 6 users can be locked in a full-duplex voice conference. When teams need to be several meters apart but must stay in total voice contact, it is the perfect solution.

Vocovo Benefits

  • Allow your team crystal clear communication, while keeping at a safe distance.
  • Increase efficiency and safety
  • 48 hours of use from a single charge
  • Clear audio with no more crackly lines or missed words
  • Great customer experience
  • Target messages to individuals or teams as needed
  • Fantastic reliability due to own mobile network

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