Can I use my phone as a two-way radio?

If you use mobile phones as the primary method of communication on-site, you may think that you don’t need to use two-way radios.

Did you know that WAVE PTX from Motorola Solutions is an App that can run a two-way radio service directly on your phone?

The app works with both Android and Apple and allows you to talk to your entire team with just a single button press.  Your team can have a mixture of:

  • Smartphones
  • WAVE PTX handheld
  • Mobile radios
  • Motorola digital radios

and they can all communicate together using the WAVE PTX broadband service.

Chat-Com can provide a range of rugged smartphones with an in built PTT (push to talk) button, which means you can still provide your team with a smartphone for everyday use, but which they can still use safely and quickly on site.

System Features

As well as instant comms and crystal-clear digital audio, WAVE PTX also includes all the features you would expect from an enterprise-level radio and vehicle tracking system:

  • Works over Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G
  • Fully Manageable Dispatch Console
  • Browser/Cloud Based
  • Instant Connect – No Dialling or Ringing Delay
  • Shared Cross-Device Contact List
  • Private & Group Conversations
  • Priority Interrupt & All Call
  • Active Status Shows When Users Are Online
  • Google Maps Location Tracking
  • Lone Worker
  • Call Logs
  • Message Logs
  • Bluetooth Headset Options

Solutions to suit your requirements

Chat-Com provide a range of radios to meet any requirement:

  • TLK150 in-vehicle radio
  • TLK100 Hand portable
  • A range of Bluetooth accessories including speakers and remote microphones
  • Hands-free car kit (with optional foot switch)
  • Mains or 12v Powered
  • Works Anywhere
  • Choice of Handheld or Base Microphone
  • Group Call or Private Call
  • Transmit Interrupt

This innovative base station Wave PTX radio is designed for controllers of large fleets of logistics vehicles and taxi-cabs.

Recent Install

In a recent partnership with Amey road emergency teams and Transport Scotland employees, Chat-com recently installed Motorola WAVE PTX radios across their gritters and mobile fleet. These come with a European data roaming SIM installed, which works across all UK networks.  This ensures the best possible coverage, so communication quality is not compromised. Each vehicle in the winter fleet is equipped with in-vehicle chargers and a third-party WAVE PTX compatible hands-free car kit. The kit was quick to install and comprises foot switches and microphones for safe, hands-free communications.

You can take advantage of the mobile App from as little as 20p per day. If this sounds interesting, we can set up a quick 10-minute demo and have the technology running on your phone for you to trial. Just get in touch and we will do the rest.

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