Case Study: Clayesmore School – Ensuring safety and efficiency through improved communications

Radio system maintenance and upgrade for Clayesmore School.
An independent, co-educational day and boarding school set in North Dorset.

Clayesmore is an independent, co-educational day and boarding school set in North Dorset. The school has a rich 125 year history, having been originally established in 1896 in Enfield, Middlesex by visionary educator Lex Devine, later moving to Pangbourne, and finally settling in Iwerne Minster in the summer term of 1933.

Client Requirement

Clayesmore have a large workforce of support staff, relying on radio communication between departments and facilities teams to work effectively.  Due to the sheer scale of the site (approx 70 acre site) staff are often undertaking their job alone, making the radio communications system the most vital piece of kit in case of emergency. Clayesmore approached Chat-Com looking to upgrade their existing radio communication, which was not meeting the needs of the organisation.  They had been experiencing depleted battery capability meaning loss of power during work hours, and poor sound quality across the vast site.  The brief to Chat-Com was to improve radio battery life and ensure great audio for their busy teams!

Our Approach

After an initial in-person consultation and site survey, we were able to establish a complete understanding of the infrastructural and geographical challenges. The survey considered the full extent of the school grounds, paying particular attention to quieter, isolated areas and departmental/channel requirements.

Chat-Com undertook a survey of the required site coverage area and recommended an upgrade of the existing analogue network to a new digital network, with a new antenna and bespoke codeplug to include all of the features requested by the various school departments.

Our Recommended Solution

Our solution was customised to suit Clayesmore specific site requirements to improve safety, efficiency, and communication. We provided a suite of 42 new digital Hytera PD6 series radios, which provide multiple clear voice channels, no interference from outside sources and robust rugged form factor.  A unique transmit frequency was provided from Ofcom, to ensure all radio communications were kept secure and not broadcast across freely available ‘license free’ frequencies, that can be picked outside of Clayesmore.

The bespoke programming provided:

  • Departmental ID channels / personalised audio announcements customised to each dept.
  • Private calling to individual radios, just like a mobile phone
  • Lone worker safety function
  • Panic alarm / All-call functionality

Chat-Com was flexible when it came to installation, payment terms and made sure to work at times that were least disruptive to staff and pupils. Once the system was installed, we provided training to all staff.


The digital radio solution that we designed and installed led to improved communications and more effective management of the health and safety of both staff and pupils. It provided:

  1. The use of Chat-Com’s multi-channel radio system allowed the school staff to broadcast urgent messages in an efficient manner.
  2. Ease of use. Users found the two-way radio system easy to use and it has become their preferred means of communication.
  3. Safety. The two-way radio system proved to be the most effective way to manage the health and safety concerns of those staff members working alone and in remote locations.
  4. Reliability. Even under extreme conditions, the two-way radio system has remained very reliable and robust for the school’s maintenance staff.
  5. Added Value. The school found Chat-Com’s two-way radio system to provide the best possible value, with no compromise on quality.

Client Feedback

“I couldn’t fault the Chat-Com team, they continue to provide excellent technical knowledge and service despite our ever-changing requirements. The after-sale service, attention and flexible phased payment terms made it easy to fit within our departmental budgets and receive sign-off. Their technical knowledge and customisation exceeded our expectations and provided the safe, reliable system upgrade we needed.”

Russell James, Head of Estates

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