Can I link my Fire Panel with my two-way radios?

You may not realise that the two-way radios you are using are capable of much more than simple radio-to-radio communications.

If you’re responsible for any building management systems on-site, you’ll understand how useful it would be if critical messages, alerts and warning could be transmitted directly to a mobile device that you can carry with you at all times.  Rather than responding to a fire alarm by going to the panel and finding out which zone has been triggered, you could get the zone information directly to your two-way radio, saving you vital time to get to the scene of the incident.  With the information directly to your radio, you can communicate with teams closer to the incident to determine the status and if it requires your presence immediately.

This could save you precious time in the event of an urgent fire situation, where every minute counts and a delay could cost lives.

The Chat-Com Message Gateway is capable of integrating a huge number of different building management systems with your two-way radio network.  As well as fire panels, we can take messages from Alarm panels, Lift Management systems, Pagers, PABX telephony systems – or any bespoke messaging system that you would like to integrate.  Our development team can work with any new system and link it with the Chat-Com Message Gateway.  This will provide a seamless process to forward vital comms from any system that you need.

Chat-Com can provide a fully managed solution, which includes the radio network, message gateway and a range of hand portable and mobile radios to receive the messaging.  We work with both the Motorola DP4000 series range and the Hytera PD6 series to provide a robust and secure communications network, that’s linked to your vital on-site systems.

Benefits of an Integrated Network:

  • Vital information straight to your walkie-talkie
  • Never miss an alarm
  • Reduce disruption
  • Quickly discover false alarms
  • Communicate directly with the team on site
  • Chat-Com managed installation of Message Gateway
  • Link with any bespoke Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Works with Motorola and Hytera Two-Way Radios

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