Project Description

Motorola Evolve

The Motorola Evolve combines a rugged and resilient Android Smartphone with a dedicated Long Range Radio service with WAVE PTX. Enabling seamless communications across different locations and networks, with Evolve, your teams will use the cutting-edge technology of today and be ready for the innovations of tomorrow.

Evolve Key Benefits

For clients who need a rugged and resilient mobile phone, but also want to combine that with mission critical comms, Chat-Com recommends the use of the Motorola Evolve.  Evolve is an Android smartphone which has been designed to operate in tough and challenging environments.   It is IP68, can be used with gloves and has a long battery life for use across an entire long shift, without the need for recharging.

Chat-Com will provide the Evolve with WAVE PTX already installed and ready to go.  WAVE PTX gives you mission critical two-way comms over an unlimited range, using 4G, 3G or a Wi-Fi connection.

Combine the rugged smartphone with WAVE PTX, and you really have the peak of evolution in mobile communication.

Product Details


4G, 3G, Wi-Fi


Up to 17 hours stand-by time



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