Upgrading Comms At Blackpool Airport

The Chat-Com team has installed a new digital repeater at Blackpool Airport, to improve communications, safety and security on site. Chat-Com has been working with the Regional and City Airports Group for the past 5 years, also supplying Exeter, Land’s End and Lee-On-Solent Airports.

Blackpool has upgraded to a Motorola Solutions Capacity Plus digital repeater, which allows for two simultaneous conversations across multiple different channels. The crystal clear audio and lack of interference that digital provides, will enable the on-site ground crew, control tower, engineering teams and fire crew to communicate at the push of a button across the entire site.

The installation of two new antennas at the tower (including a 4-stack and UHF co-linear antenna) has increased the range of the vital comms network, ensuring there are no more ‘blackspots’ where staff were difficult to reach.

The existing radios have all been re-programmed on-site by the Chat-Com install team, who also provided a new mobile trigger station to be used by Air Traffic Control.

Blackpool Airport commented:

“We’re delighted to get this new equipment installed on site, so that we can take full advantage of our digital radio network. The Chat-Com team managed to get the antennas and trigger station installed on site with no disruption to existing systems and get all of our radios re-programmed on the same day.”

James Page-Chatton, Director at Chat-Com Ltd remarked:

“We’re pleased to help Blackpool Airport upgrade their comms network so they can continue to service their customers without worrying about interference or coverage issues. Providing a swift and precise service on site is part of the Chat-Com ethos, and we’re always keen not to disrupt existing services during this time.”

For more information on how Chat-Com can improve your digital communications network please get in touch with the team at [email protected]