Chat-Com is proud to be working with Salisbury Cathedral to deploy their new two-way digital radio network.  After using an analogue radio system for a number of years, Rob Douglas, Floor Manager at the Cathedral, was looking to make the upgrade to digital.

Chat-Com visited the site to demonstrate the PH600 digital UHF radio from Caltta.  The PH600 is IP68 rated for water and dust, includes a high capacity 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery, high quality digital audio and all the safety features that Rob was looking for.  We discussed the use of the ‘Man Down’ feature, to provide a level of safety and security for lone workers on site and a subtle panic feature in case of a emergency.  The All-Call feature also enables the staff on site to co-ordinate quickly and efficiently in the case of a major site-wide emergency, such as Fire or Terrorist incident.

After a thorough site survey, we were confident that the radios were the right fit for the Cathedral, with the option to extend the range of the network across the whole Cathedral Green, should that be a requirement in the future.

The radios have just been used during the Salisbury Cathedral Sarum Lights Event, which drew over 13,000 visitors.  The new radio system helped the staff and volunteers on site to co-ordinate quickly and efficiently during this extremely busy period.

To read more about the deployment of the system, you can read the full case study here.