Viterra extend range across Portland site

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Chat-Com was contacted by Viterra, who were looking to improve coverage on their wide-ranging Portland site. Viterra needed to improve the coverage between the top office, weighbridge, grain warehouse and dockside. They had a requirement for communication between radios installed in vehicles (loaders, hoppers, cranes) and handheld radios for the staff working across the site.

Chat-Com supply Caltta Digital Two-Way Radios

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Chat-Com is pleased to supply a new range of radios that complements its existing product portfolio. Caltta Technologies was established in 2012 and is now a leading provider of integrated professional communication solutions. The Caltta digital radio range includes products for both conventional and multichannel trunking, eChat PTT over Cellular, emergency communications, integrated communication command,

The Benefits of a Body Worn Camera

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What Are Body Worn Cameras? A body worn camera, also referred to as a bodycam is a wearable video recording device. Typically, they comprise a camera, microphone and rechargeable battery with data storage that is either integrated or is a separate unit connected to the camera unit. How Does a Body Camera Work? Bodycams

Clayesmore benefits from two-way radio system upgrade

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Ensuring safety and efficiency through improved communications Clayesmore, an independent school in North Dorset, approached Chat-Com looking for improved radio communication as their existing radio system needed an upgrade and was no longer fit for purpose.  Read full case study  Chat-Com provided a solution that was customised to suit Clayesmore's specific site requirements to

Announcing the Motorola Evolve – The perfect combination of smartphone and two-way radio.

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Announcing the Motorola Evolve – The perfect combination of smartphone and two-way radio. Motorola Evolve is a handheld android device that becomes a two-way radio via the Wave PTX App. With the ability to operate over 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks, the Evolve offers worldwide communications capabilities. The versatile nature of the Evolve means

Link your two-way radios to a fire panel

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Can I link my Fire Panel with my two-way radios? You may not realise that the two-way radios you are using are capable of much more than simple radio-to-radio communications. If you're responsible for any building management systems on-site, you'll understand how useful it would be if critical messages, alerts and warning could be

Improve Health and Safety with a Professional Radio Network

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Improve Health and Safety with a Professional Radio Network Health and safety is a primary focus for many organisations operating in harsh and hazardous environments, especially within the construction industry. The importance of reliable, rugged communication devices designed specifically for these environments is essential to improving worker health and safety. According to a research


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Introducing ION MOTORBO Smart Radio Chat-Com is pleased to supply the first business-ready communication device from Motorola Solutions with always-on voice and broadband data capabilities. It brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to our unified technology ecosystem – from video security and analytics solutions to

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