We are excited to announce an extended collaboration with The Compleat Food Group in Poole!

Having used the Chat-Com network for the past 3 years, The Compleat Food Group have upgraded their equipment and signed a further 3-year service deal to provide them with the latest communications technology.

We have provided 49 brand new Hytera H Series radios with Bluetooth to the engineering and production teams to keep their staff connected and working efficiently, even in the loudest environments. Thanks to the Peltor 3M Noise-Cancelling headset with situational awareness, staff can communicate clearly and safely without sacrificing their hearing. The cableless connection provides greater flexibility, allowing the engineering team to work efficiently on even the most complex jobs.

And with our repeater network, the entire site will be covered, ensuring seamless communication. The bespoke programming includes features such as an all-call emergency broadcast, lone worker protection for engineers, and simplex backup channels.