What Are Body Worn Cameras?

A body worn camera, also referred to as a bodycam is a wearable video recording device. Typically, they comprise a camera, microphone and rechargeable battery with data storage that is either integrated or is a separate unit connected to the camera unit.

How Does a Body Camera Work?

Bodycams are usually clipped to the user’s chest, shoulder or worn as a headset with ‘push to record’ functionality that is controlled by the user. The camera will normally have a set of lights to indicate that it is on and recording.

Why Use a Body Worn Camera?

Body Worn Cameras are seen as one way to address the challenges law enforcement encounter. The technology offers real-time or recorded information when used by officers on assignments that bring them into contact with members of the community. They also provide law enforcement with a mobile surveillance tool to promote officer safety and efficiency and ultimately deter crime.

Chat-Com Supply Hytera and Motorola Body Cameras

Motorola VT100

Built for customer-facing teams, the VT100 includes customisable name tag and remote alarm activation which makes the VT100 a perfect fit for connected workers.  Benefits include:

  • Lightweight
  • Intuitive
  • Integrate with fixed CCTV cameras

Motorola VB400

Representing the next generation of body-worn cameras, the VB400 is suited to mobile video security applications where full shift recording and connectivity are needed.

  • Rugged build quality
  • High performance
  • Multiple ways to connect

Hytera VM550

Compatible with all Hytera professional hand-portables, the VM550 body worn camera has superb HD quality video recording functionality and integrated speaker microphone, so you no longer need to wear 3 separate products.
It allows you to capture vital video evidence in the field so that your team feel safe and secure, whatever the situation.  The benefits include:

  • Compact, slim and secure
  • Integrated speaker microphone and PTT
  • Records in 1080P video quality
  • Loud 2W speaker for crystal clear audio
  • VM550-1_f9d35c2e75cded6d5435415681c0a155
  • Hytera Integrated Device Station
  • Intuitive software allows you to manage evidence securely and effortlessly.
  • Collect and stores data by automatic upload
  • Tag evidence for quick search
  • Full backup and cloud storage
  • User permissions to control access
  • Secure to protect data (GDPR Compliant)

Hytera VM750D

The Hytera body worn cameras come with a remote speaker microphone designed to capture, store, and share video, audio, and images in the field.  Benefits include:

  • 160-degree field of view – super wide-angle camera
  • POC Radio – Integrated push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radio integration
  • Fast Positioning – Delivers precise location quickly
  • Advanced Encryption – technology to protect all the captured evidence
  • Facial Recognition feature/ Man Down/ Disassembly Alarm/ No Movement Alarm/Camera Blocked Alarm

Chat-Com have provided radios and body worn cameras to the Yeovil Crime Reduction Team, to improve security, safety and operations in the town centre.

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