Chat-Com Partners With Yeovil Crime Reduction Team

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Chat-Com Partner With Yeovil Crime Reduction Team (YCRT)Chat-Com has provided Yeovil Crime Reduction Team with a new communications network to improve public safety and security across Yeovil, Sherborne and Chard. YCRT (who work in conjunction with Dorset and Avon & Somerset Police) use the network to communicate across the town and stay in touch with

The Benefits of Two-Way Radio for Construction Sites

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When you are looking to source a communications solution for your construction site, you'll no doubt come across companies selling 'license free' radios, which they claim would be suitable for your communication needs.  These 'license free' radios will be considerably cheaper than their professional digital equivalent, but at Chat-Com we simply won't recommend license

Improving Health & Safety In Construction With Two-Way Radios

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Improving Health & Safety In Construction With Two-Way Radios A Chat-Com digital radio network can provide substantial health and safety benefits to an organisation, above and beyond traditional operations and logistics.  These benefits include: Lone Working Security / Panic Emergency ‘All-Call’ Broadcast GPS and Indoor Location Lone Worker Benefits A ‘Lone Worker’ function gives

ECC Group & Chat-Com

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ECC Group & Chat-Com – Providing Essential Benefits for Construction Projects Over the past 5 years Chat-Com has been working closely with ECC Group on multiple construction projects to provide essential comms at the planning and survey stage of a build. ECC is a consulting and engineering practice with an extensive portfolio, covering all aspects

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