Health and Safety in Digital Communications- Lone Worker Solutions

A digital communications solution can provide class leading health and safety benefits

Chat-Com recognises that health and safety is incredibly important in the modern workplace. We offer communication solutions that provide a wide range of health and safety benefits. These features ensure that your employees are safe and secure in the workplace and cover any company health and safety protocols that may be in place. The Chat Com solution provides two-tiers of lone worker solution:

Lone Worker – Basic

The Chat-Com solution has a basic lone worker feature that can be programmed onto a range of digital radios. When enabled, the radio will set off a pre-alert warning if it hasn’t been used in a configurable time period (e.g. 30 mins). If the time period is reached, the user will be prompted to take action by pressing a button on the device. Failure to do so will produce an alert to one or more radios in the group that can be acted on by the team. A false alarm can be easily cleared down on the radio by any user.

Lone Worker – Advanced

In addition to the basic alert functionality, Chat-Com have partnered with Global View to provide a detailed reporting and evidence system, as well as alerts over email and SMS.
All lone worker activity is recorded in a PC based application, showing which user alerts have been activated, when and for how long. The system can be tailored for the individual requirements of each client to ensure alerts have the quickest response and will not be missed. Groups can be setup to receive alerts via email / SMS or radio, depending on the suitability of each environment. A full report can be created of all activities that are logged on the system.

Panic Button

Many of our Hytera and Motorola digital radios have dedicated panic buttons, which will send an alert to other pre configured radio users. The panic button can also open a voice channel to communicate to other radio users the details of the incident. The panic button allows a more subtle way of communicating an emergency, which does not draw attention to the radio user in a potentially difficult situation.

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