Announcing the Motorola Evolve – The perfect combination of smartphone and two-way radio.

Motorola Evolve is a handheld android device that becomes a two-way radio via the Wave PTX App. With the ability to operate over 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks, the Evolve offers worldwide communications capabilities.

The versatile nature of the Evolve means that staff no longer have to carry more than one device at work.

The Evolve is SEVEN DEVICES combined in ONE system:

  1. Two-way radio
  2. Rugged tablet
  3. Smartphone
  4. Integrated Android Apps
  5. Lone worker
  6. Barcode scanner
  7. Pager


You can install your own SIM into the Evolve to provide communication flexibility. The two SIM slots allow the user to have two separate IDs on separate networks, providing extensive coverage.


The Evolve comes with a Gorilla Glass touch screen display and 3 android hard keys situated below for navigation and features a glove operatable touch screen. Although it is a relatively slender device it has been built to withstand the elements passing military standard tests to ensure its reliability in a variety of environmental conditions.

The Motorola Evolve also has an IP68 protection rating, this means that not only is the Evolve secured against dust intrusion but is also safeguarded from being submerged in water for extended periods of time.


Evolve features a volume/power dial on top of the device, alongside a channel change switch which allows for the user to flick up or down to change. The Motorola Evolve comes with docking style charging device.

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