Chat-Com was contacted by Viterra, who were looking to improve coverage on their wide-ranging Portland site.

Viterra needed to improve the coverage between the top office, weighbridge, grain warehouse and dockside. They had a requirement for communication between radios installed in vehicles (loaders, hoppers, cranes) and handheld radios for the staff working across the site.

The site suffers from poor mobile reception, so Viterra needed a reliable network with which to communicate efficiently. Chat-com provided a network providing different channels for each area of the site, allowing teams to communicate and organise the unloading of new shipments at the dock, and transfer to the warehouse.

Given the location of the site, a weather-proof solution was required to cope with the harsh conditions located next to the English Channel. An IP rated box was used to mount the repeater infrastructure at the central warehouse location, with a high gain antenna installed in an elevated position to provide the best possible coverage at the site.

Viterra also make use of the active noise cancelling headsets from 3M Peltor, which connect with the Hytera digital radios.  These headsets allow the team to keep communicating while wearing the headsets, whilst also providing vital hearing protection in a noisy environment.

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